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The story of Anna K.

It's all about the Show.

I have been a circus and theatre performer my whole life, my love of sewing comes from the same passion. I love theatricality that amplifies everyday emotions and makes life more playful.

For me, performing has always involved making my own costumes and props. I set up my studio wherever life takes me—in kitchens, caravans or backstage.

My creative process is a conversation with the materials. Fabrics seduce me and tell me how they wish to be used. Then I sew obsessively to make the ideas real.

Circus life is demanding: Clothes must be comfortable, flexible and strong, while remaining as expressive as you are. They should never hold you back. I put the same care into every piece I design. Making clothes for others is a joyful experience. People light up when they put on new clothes. They make the clothing their own while revealing themselves as someone new. Clothing, like life and love, is alchemy—and wonderful to behold.

Company History

The contemporary circus duo INTRIKA—Frix Elting and Anna Kemp—founded House of Intrika in 2007. Famous for their strong stage aesthetic, the performers began producing a line of clothing for others to enjoy after receiving many requests. Seven rewarding years later, the company reorganized and now continues under one name (guess which one ;-)


All designs and costumes spring from the imagination of Anna Kemp. "I make all of my clothes with love. A love of fabrics, a love of creation, and a love of sharing.

Anna Kemp

They are crafted with the warm conviction that clothes should be stylish, flattering, comfortable and practical. These are the values that go into every single design, and always will."


Manufacturing takes place in Milan, Italy, and Bali, Indonesia. All of our production partners are small and locally-owned.

These exquisite tailors produce my extremely Limited Edition collection with breathtaking attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Our partners also uphold workplace values that we consider essential: A wonderful physical and social working environment, strictly observed international standards for working hours, and annually mandated salary increases.

Sustaining these values comes at a price we are happy to pay. You could call this fair trade. We simply call it doing good business. 

Anna Kemp