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Circus life = playing hard! Costumes have to be flexible, strong and gorgeous... I make my clothes the same way I make my costumes.

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Noblessa ::: Elegant Stretch Blouse €74
Message Skirt ::: High Waisted Short Skirt €109
Flamink ::: Long Flared Skirt €89

“ they look really good and make a great shape - People ask where I bought them and give me regularly compliments on them.”
Vanessa Lee, Berlin, Germany
"Personally I love the cut, the way it emphasises the female form and the modern originality. And although they stand out as very original, I can also wear these clothes to work.”
Maya Leclercq, Lille, France

Designed for Movement


Clothes must be comfortable, flexible and strong, while remaining as expressive as you are. They should never hold you back. 

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